Saturday, March 19, 2011

My Twitter tweets for 18 March 2011

This is an automatically generated list of my Twitter tweets for 18 March 2011. I've decided to aggregate them in my blog as they are mostly either pointers to articles I found interesting or pithy one-liners I liked. There's the odd bit of personal conversation in there as well, just ignore it.


  • RT @jjprojects: Spent fuel rod pool level in reactor 4 has almost been recovered. The temp is between 40--50C - Nuclear Safety Agency ht ...
  • RT @EFF: U.S. government spends millions to secretly manipulate social media sites through fake online personas.
  • RT @automatem: RT @webslice: .. And we're back. Will post on our customer portal once we get more info. <<cheap, but not in control
  • RT @wilw: Dog: PLAY WITH ME! Cat: No. You are seven times my weight. Me: Dogs can't do math. Cat: Obviously. Dog: I HAVE A TOY FOR US! C ...
  • How the Kinect was reverse engineered (Technical) via @mattcutts
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