Sunday, February 6, 2011

My Twitter tweets for 05 February 2011

This is an automatically generated list of my Twitter tweets for 05 February 2011. I've decided to aggregate them in my blog as they are mostly either pointers to articles I found interesting or pithy one-liners I liked. There's the odd bit of personal conversation in there as well, just ignore it.


  • RT @EFF: UK copyright troll completely shuts down business
  • RT @schneierblog: UK Immigration Officer Puts Wife on the No-Fly List: A UK immigration officer decided to get rid of his wife by ... ht ...
  • Al Jazeera Launches Twitter & Meetup Campaigns To Bring Broadcast To U.S.: #Egypt #AlJazeera via @SocialMedia411
  • Another advantage of owning a .NZ domain name: Interesting piece of chatter on the Internet NZ mail list today. ...
  • You say Broosketta, I say Bruschetta: how ever you say this delightful word , what started out as toasted bread ...
  • Rumourmill: Shared by B ruce Clement Namedrive is where most of my domains are parked so I shall be watching w...
  • RT @InternetNZ: @Bruce_Clement blog post adds his voice to .nz is best for Kiwis (VK)
  • RT @kyrah: Confirmed: Al Jazeera offices were burnt down in Cairo today, most equipment there was destroyed. (via @JShahryar) #egypt #jan25
  • Rugby Sevens match USA vs Canada tied at 7 each with less than 6 minutes to go. #Rugby #Sevens
  • RT @WorldPeace2Day: "Freedom is never voluntarily given by the oppressor; it must be demanded by the oppressed." Martin Luther King #Egypt
  • It's just cruel, specifying content and pages for a skiing holiday web site in this killing heat and humidity;
  • RT @beanbiz: IRB has release d new #sevens hierarchy: Trophy, cup, bowl, plate, saucer, gravy boat, colander, melon baller, garlic crusher.
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