Saturday, February 5, 2011

My Twitter tweets for 04 February 2011

This is an automatically generated list of my Twitter tweets for 04 February 2011. I've decided to aggregate them in my blog as they are mostly either pointers to articles I found interesting or pithy one-liners I liked. There's the odd bit of personal conversation in there as well, just ignore it.


  • RT @Messrologist: Washington Post: The regime has devised and is executing a plan to round up foreign journalists, bloggers and reporter ...
  • RT @bencnn: Every time I think things couldn't get worse here.....I'm praying this is the dark before the dawn. #Egypt #Jan25 #Tahrir
  • People fighting and dieing for freedom in #Egypt. Insensitive shoe company tweets for marketing via @SocialMedia411
  • Why computer software is so bad (Dilbert)
  • Prime Minister John Key takes to the catwalk modelling All Blacks supporter's gear. (tv3) via @nzs com
  • Sofa Statistics, NZ lead open source statistical analysis & graphs for Linux, Mac & Windows, v 1.0 released
  • Internet Name Suppression Workshop: InternetNZ hosted a workshop about name suppression in the digital age. The ...
  • O tempora o mores; Oh Times, Oh Daily Mirror: Until a very few years ago the professional news media: owners, ed...
  • Getting a handle: Today has been flat-out. Actually all week has been much that way. I've made some dreadful mis...
  • RT @AnonQC: Fun fact of the day: Turnout in the 1999 election in #egypt was estimated at around 10%. #jan25
  • Richard Stallman "Don't talk about friends near a cellphone until you've taken the batteries out" #Wikileaks
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