Wednesday, February 2, 2011

My Twitter tweets for 01 February 2011

This is an automatically generated list of my Twitter tweets for 01 February 2011. I've decided to aggregate them in my blog as they are mostly either pointers to articles I found interesting or pithy one-liners I liked. There's the odd bit of personal conversation in there as well, just ignore it.


  • RT @SocialMedia411: Twitter?s New Mission Statement Needs Just 4 Words / 40 Characters (SAI):
  • I love the smell of perfume. If you could bottle it, you?d make a fortune. RT @serafinowicz
  • RT @AJEnglish: Al Jazeera continues to bring you uncensored coverage of the events in #Egypt as they unfold. Watch LIVE here: http://aje ...
  • The #Internet Society on #Egypt?s Internet shutdown
  • RT @gnat: "You autocomplete me."
  • RT @NZAngelHQ: New Zealand emerges as an Entrepreneurial Powerhouse
  • RT < a href="#fpleitgenCNN">@fpleitgenCNN: Walking through Cairo. Local residents with clubs and swords keeping the peace. #egypt.
  • Meanwhile, far from #Cairo, #Netanyahu and #Obama are choosing #Egypt's next president. Someone just as democratic as the last one
  • RT @AlyaaGad: There are people who can't reach hospitals or any form of medical help. Pregnant women, dialysis patients, wounded,etc.. # ...
  • RT @nolanjazeera: And jazeera won't stop reporting this story no matter how many of us are detained/arrested #Egypt #Jan25 #freedom
  • RT @SultanAlQassemi: Here's the digital version of the iconic photograph I just posted Courtesy of @danixion #Egypt ...
  • I'm off to my safe warm bed, I hope the people of #Egypt will soon be able to do likewise.
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