Wednesday, March 10, 2010

My Twitter tweets for 09 March 2010

This is an automatically generated list of my Twitter tweets for 09 March 2010. I've decided to aggregate them in my blog as they are mostly either pointers to articles I found interesting or pithy one-liners I liked. There's the odd bit of personal conversation in there as well, just ignore it.


  • I'm thinking of quitting coffee for health reasons. Can anyone recommend a nice breakfast wine? RT @BettyLies
  • RT @problogger: New at ProBlogger: Feeling ?Blogged Out?? [10 Pro Bloggers Share Their Advice on What to Do]
  • Eating a Flash Drive: How not to destroy evidence: In a bold and bizarre attempt to destroy evidence seized during...
  • De-Anonymizing Social Network Users: Interesting paper: "A Practical Attack to De-Anonymize Social Network Users."...
  • Why did Customs seize this laptop?: Recently an NZ citizen contacted us over an incident with Customs: I took a ho...
  • Google in The Onion: Funny: MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA?Responding to recent public outcries over its handling of private da...
  • Hello darkness my old friend, it's time to buy new bulbs again. RT @thebenbrooks
  • RT @domains4less: Domain Renewal Group are invoicing for renewals they don't manage. Beware of direct mail from them. Be safe and bin th ...
  • RT @problogger: I'm noticing a lot more spam from people I know lately - seems to be of compromised email accounts!
  • It?s about time we make sleeping dogs tell the truth. RT @k2bf
  • RT @religionnews: Parents sentenced to prison in son's faith-healing death: - #religion #cults
  • RT @nathanknz: You wouldn't want to cross swords with this!
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